Calculates the number of nodes, in each tree, that are common (i.e.: that have the same exact list of labels). The correlation is between 0 (actually, 2*(nnodes-1)/(2*nnodes), for two trees with the same list of labels - since the top node will always be identical for them). Where 1 means that every node in the one tree, has a node in the other tree with the exact same list of labels. Notice this measure is non-parameteric (it ignores the heights and relative position of the nodes).

cor_common_nodes(dend1, dend2, ...)



a dendrogram.


a dendrogram.


not used.


A correlation value between 0 to 1 (almost identical trees)

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set.seed(23235) ss <- sample(1:150, 10) hc1 <- iris[ss, -5] %>% dist() %>% hclust("com") hc2 <- iris[ss, -5] %>% dist() %>% hclust("single") dend1 <- as.dendrogram(hc1) dend2 <- as.dendrogram(hc2) cor_cophenetic(dend1, dend2)
#> [1] 0.4272001
cor_common_nodes(dend1, dend2)
#> [1] 0.8421053
tanglegram(dend1, dend2)
# we can see we have only two nodes which are different...